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I have become world-renowned as a translator of lyric texts. My work on the Bach cantata texts is frequently published in concert programs in virtually every English-speaking country in the world and widely throughout the United States. All of Bach's texted works, including sacred and secular cantatas, Passions, and other liturgical works, have been translated by me and are published on this website.

Emmanuel Music website

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I have also completed a multi-volume project translating the complete songs of C.P.E. Bach for the Packard Humanities Institute complete edition of the composer's work. My translations can be accessed at the project's website.

For the complete Gellert lieder, (Wq 194 and Wq 195) click here
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For the complete Cramer and Sturm lieder, (Wq 196, Wq 197, Wq 198) click here

I have worked extensively on translating cantatas and larger works by other composers. Some of my translations have been published with the three Favella Lyrica recordings. I have also published a large number of translations of sacred works by Schütz, Schein, and others on the Emmanuel Music website. My translations of the complete Lieder of C.P.E. Bach have been published by the Packard Humanities Institute, and can be found at their website,

Links to some other translations appear below:

Italian 17th century

Italian 18th century

German repertoire

French repertoire

Caldara: Amarilli vezzosa

Handel: Apollo e Dafne

Beethoven: misc. Lieder

Rameau: L'Impatience

Carissimi: Ahi, non torna

Handel: Mi palpita il cor

Hindemith: Selections from Das Marienleben

Faure: Verlaine mélodies

Carissimi: A piè d'un verde alloro

Handel: Tu fedel? tu costante?

Mahler: Rückert-Lieder

Martin: Quatre Sonnets à Cassandre

Carissimi: Il Lamento di Maria Stuarda

Haydn: Arianna a Naxos

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel Lieder

Debussy: Chansons de Bilitis

Carissimi: Siam tre miseri piangenti

Mancini: Con pace sì bella

Schumann: Heine-Liederkreis, op. 24

Ravel: Histoires Naturelles

Cesti: Pria ch'adori

Marcello: Salmo Decimoquinto

Schumann: Eichendorff Liederkreis, op. 39


Marazzoli: Elena Invecchiata

A. Scarlatti: Quella pace gradita

Schumann: Frauenliebe und -leben, op. 42


Marazzoli: Oh Dio, voi che me dite

D. Scarlatti: Amenissimi prati

Schumann: Lenau Lieder, op. 90


Monteverdi: Mentre vaga angioletta

D. Scarlatti: Qual pensier, quale ardire

Schumann: Kulmann Lieder, op. 104


Monteverdi: Il Pianto della Madonna


Schumann: Mary Stuart Lieder, op. 135


L. Rossi: Il Lamento di Zelemì Turca


L. Rossi: Rugge quasi leon




Strozzi: Il Lamento, op. 2



Strozzi: La mia donna
(La sol, fa, mi, re, do) op. 3



Strozzi: L'Astratto, op. 8


Love in Schlossberg Village – A folk opera based on music of Johannes BrahmsLSV poster

© Pamela Dellal 2013 (registration Number PAu 3-664-779)

Program Notes
“Love in Schlossberg Village” is an original concept. Inspired by the infectious, charming music that Brahms wrote based on folk themes and melodies, I constructed a dramatic work linking together choral pieces, ensembles, folk songs and art songs. The simplicity and directness of the emotions, relationships, and lyrics made telling a story about mismatched lovers almost inevitable. As I worked through the available pieces, the story emerged on its own. The biggest risk I took was allowing the plot to unfold exclusively through Brahms’ music – without the use of dialogue or sung recitative.

Premiere - Sunday, February 10, 2013 at Slosberg Recital Hall, Brandeis University
with James Olesen, conductor and Mark McNeill, pianist



Plot Summary

Cast List

List of Musical Numbers

Repertoire by character

Repertoire List by genre, with timings

I have created a number of musical editions based on manuscript and facsimile originals. These are available for purchase upon inquiry. A list of works appears here:

Beyer: Die Schlauen Mägdlein
Strozzi: La mia donna (La sol, fa, mi, re, do) op. 3
Fontei: Bizzarie poetiche poste in musica, book 2
Carissimi: Siam tre miseri piangenti
Carissimi: A piè d'un verde alloro