"I doubt anyone who had never heard Favella Lyrica could imagine what they do, or how well they do it: We've never heard anything quite like the duet singing of Pamela Murray and Pamela Dellal." 



A New Sappho: Barbara Strozzi and Nicolò Fontei

For their third recording for KOCH International Classics, Favella Lyrica presents
music of Barbara Strozzi and Nicolò Fontei, two composers from mid-17th century Venice.

The repertoire on the present release features duets by Barbara Strozzi from across the full body of her work, including three duets never before recorded. The music of Nicolò Fontei was written for Strozzi to sing, as he states in the dedication to the volume from which these works are drawn, Bizzarie Poetiche poste in musica, vol. II.
The CD has been enthusiastically reviewed by critics since its release in July 2000. The recording can be obtained by contacting KOCH International Classics, our producer and distributor, at (800) 688-3482, or by contacting Favella Lyrica directly



A New Sappho
Barbara Strozzi and Nicolò Fontei

Pamela Murray, soprano
Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano
Michael Beattie, harpsichord
Daniel Ryan, bass violin
with: Carol Lewis and Janet Haas, viola da gamba

Barbara Strozzi (1616 - 1676)
1. Sonetto Proemio dell'opera (Mercè di voi)
2. La riamata di chi amava
with Carol Lewis and Janet Haas, viola da gamba
3. Gl'occhi superbi
4. I baci

Nicolò Fontei (d. ca. 1674)
5. Dialogo - Filli e Tirsi
6. Felice nascità di core amante
Pamela Murray, soprano
7. Io v'adoro e non v'amo
8. Fiera lite hoggi è tra noi

Barbara Strozzi
9. Mentita
10. Begli Occhi
11. Canto di bella bocca
12. Sospira, respira

Nicolò Fontei
13. La vita solitaria
14. Non maledico, nò
Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano
15. Dialogo - Clori e Tirsi

Recorded August 1999 at Emmanuel Church, Boston, MA
Producer and Editor: Susan Napodano DelGiorno Engineer: Silas Brown