"I doubt anyone who had never heard Favella Lyrica could imagine what they do, or how well they do it: We've never heard anything quite like the duet singing of Pamela Murray and Pamela Dellal." 



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A New Sappho
Barbara Strozzi and Nicolò Fontei

This recording features music of Barbara Strozzi, the brilliant singer and composer of mid-17th century Venice. Included are three never-before recorded duets of Strozzi, and the first recordings of Fontei's duets and solos written for Strozzi to perform.



"The two singers are firmly locked into the dramatic essence of this music, 
sculpting and shading each word with infinite care...the two voices float...
with a heaven bound lightness that is unforgettable." 
Fanfare Magazine


Sweet Torment
Virtuoso Duets of 17th-Century
Italy and Germany

Featuring passionate, virtuosic duets by Monteverdi, D'India, Luzzaschi, and Pesenti, complemented by spiritual but equally vivid duets by Heinrich Schütz.

"...altogether captivating album...
the combination of the performers' fiery enthusiasm and the composer's passionate settings...is irresistible."
The Denver Post


Blind Love, Cruel Beauty
Vocal Duets of G.F. Handel


Handel's little-known but magnificent chamber duets, written over his entire career, were a fruitful source of musical ideas that he mined for his more public works. Demanding the highest level of skill and imagination from performers, this music is a delightful discovery on its own and also for the surprising familiarity of themes later used in such staples as Messiah, Alexander's Feast, Solomon, and others.


"Among the recordings of [these pieces]...this is the best...the simple competence and unaffected joyousness of the performances are most refreshing."
Fanfare Magazine