"I doubt anyone who had never heard Favella Lyrica could imagine what they do, or how well they do it: We've never heard anything quite like the duet singing of Pamela Murray and Pamela Dellal." 




“...marvelous duets...that require dramatic declamation, precision of tuning, long-spanning breath and virtuoso feats of athletic vocalism.  Until yesterday, I had never heard anyone sing as fast as Beverly Sills...but Sills was not caroling along in thirds with someone else, like Murray and Dellal.”  
– The Boston Globe

"Murray and Dellal make a glorious combined sound, their voices blending deliciously in the many passages of elaborate figuration."  
– The Boston Globe

"It was an enjoyable, satisfying concert...Murray and Dellal achieved just the right mix of blend and friction to give their sound an extra spin...one half wanted to stop passing strangers on Newbury Street to tell them about it."
– The Boston Globe

“The trio’s ...concert offered the kind of bel canto fireworks that would be rare in any music capital of the world.”
The Boston Herald

“Both women have excellent stage presence, and together they are irresistible. Years of performing as a duo has given them a second sense about phrasing...and the pleasure in the audience was infectious and pervasive.”     
– The Boston Herald

The program was carefully planned...all of the shadings, humor and technical agility were performed flawlessly by Favella Lyrica.”  The Carlisle Mosquito

for A New Sappho...

"The two singers are firmly locked into the dramatic essence of this music, sculpting and shading each word with infinite care...the two voices float...with a heaven bound lightness that is unforgettable."
– Fanfare Magazine

"These singers are virtuosic and nicely matched...well rehearsed, with some impressively synchronized rubato...High standard of expertise...evident passion for the expressive qualities of this music."
– Early Music Review (UK)

"Highly skilled and imaginatively conceived."
– The Ottawa Citizen

for Blind Love, Cruel Beauty...

"Among the recordings of [Handel's chamber duets] we have had lately, this is the best, for both the quality of the performances and the appeal of the selections. Favella Lyrica has chosen some of the most difficult and most invogorating, and the two vocalists are up to Handel's demands. Listen to the lovely interweaving of the voices in the middle of Va, speme, for instance, and the ease with which they negotiate the rapid divisions at its start. The soprano has a fresh, sparkling voice; the mezzo, no less agile, offers slightly warmer tones, to particularly excellent effect in the second section of Tanti strali. They both sound as if they are having a wonderful time, and so do their instrumental accompanists. The simple competence and unaffected joyousness of the performances are most refreshing. This was one of those discs I intended to sample in small doses, but once I started listening, I couldn't stop...Recommended."
– Fanfare May/June 1997

"Pamela Murray and Pamela Dellal are both accomplished singers, well able to tackle the divisions cleanly. Murray has a good ring to her soprano, and plenty of brightness and weight; Dellal, who sings as both soprano and alto, offers a pleasantly full and mellow lower and middle register but also tackles notes above the stave surely."
– Gramophone, November 1997

"Favella Lyrica acquits itself very well: Dellal and Murray sing gracefully and harmoniously...Don't suppose that you've heard all of Handel that's worth hearing until you've heard Blind Love, Cruel Beauty."
– Boston Early Music News, April 1997

"simple elegance...they work their supple, seductive magic on eight duets by Handel...if you haven't yet been thoroughly enchanted by Favella Lyrica, buy this CD now and you will be. A must."
– The TAB, March 1997

"fine voices, good technique, and a comfortable sense of style...they deliver a program that is...quite attractive in its own terms. Handelians will not want to miss this release."
– American Record Guide

"the performances...display high technical accomplishment...[the duets] can...be savoured enjoyably in these interpretations."
– Early Music Review (U.K.)

for Sweet Torment... 

"...performed with uncommon intelligence, insight and involvement..."
– The Boston Globe

"...altogether captivating album...the combination of the performers' fiery enthusiasm and the composer's passionate settings ...is irresistible."
– The Denver Post

"...balances passion with poise...stylish, exhilarating...Harpsichordist Michael Beattie's touch is sympathetic and dramatic."
– The Improper Bostonian

"Favella Lyrica has produced a sure hit with this...exemplary performances..."
– H & B Recordings Direct

"The fioritura here is clean and expressive, the intervals and unisons well tuned, the tones beautifully matched one to the other. Fine singing and fine music-making."
– Fanfare Magazine