The Endicott Players
of Boston, Pittsburgh, and Tucson

Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano
Ashley Episcopo, mezzo-soprano
Michael Manning, piano
Roy Sansom, recorder



Angelic Harps, Mortal Tears:
Music by Hindemith and Schumann

For their third annual concert, the Endicott Players present an interplay between the personal, idiosyncratic music of Schumann’s late period and the vigorous intellectual craft of the 20th century master, Paul Hindemith. Schumann’s late, crypto-spiritual song cycle, op. 90, resonates with Hindemith’s masterpiece of the Lied, Das Marienleben. Instrumental works by both composers will be featured, including a recorder trio based on American folk tunes.


SCHUMANN: Nachtstücke, op. 23, #3 & 4
SCHUMANN: Sechs Lieder und Requiem, op. 90
HINDEMITH: Selections from Das Marienleben
HINDEMITH: Piano Sonata No. 3
HINDEMITH: Trio for Recorders from Plöner Musiktag

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Angelic Harps